Oxaliplatin Coupon and Discount

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Oxaliplatin Overview
Drug Name: Oxaliplatin Brand Name(s): Eloxatin Drug Class:Platinum-based Drugs Treats: Colon Cancer, Rectal Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer
Oxaliplatin is a chemotherapy drug used to treat colon cancer and rectal cancer, among others. Oxaliplatin works to kill cancer cells. During this process, it is used together with leucovorin and fluorouracil, also anti-cancer drugs. It is administered intravenously. Like many other chemotherapy drugs, oxaliplatin often causes severe nausea and vomiting. Your doctor may prescribe you other drugs to help deal with these side effects.
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  • Oxaliplatin Uses

    Oxaliplatin is a part of the Platinum-based drug class. This type of drug helps to treat a variety of cancers including, colon, ovarian, and testicular cancer. Oxaliplatin is prescribed to individuals suffering from colon, rectal and other cancers. Oxaliplatin is used to slow down the growth and progression of the cancer cells. Oxaliplatin is an injection that may be used together with other cancer medications. A doctor or other medical professional should administer the drug. Below you will find the different uses for oxaliplatin:
    • Colon Cancer
    • Rectal Cancer
  • Oxaliplatin Dosage

    The dosage of oxaliplatin given to patients during chemotherapy depends on the type and stage of cancer they have. The dosage is also affected by the patient's age, height, weight and overall health. While on oxaliplatin, it is important to follow the guidelines provided by your doctor. This includes not using ice-packs or holding cold objects; drinking beverages at room temperature; wearing warm clothing in winter; using objects that will minimize bleeding when shaving or brushing teeth (soft brush); not using an air conditioner; and avoiding sunlight. As oxaliplatin is an IV infusion, the dosage will be decided by a medical professional, who will also administer and monitor the dosage.
  • Oxaliplatin Side Effects

    While there are several side effects to taking this drug, not all of them are experienced by everyone using oxaliplatin. Most of these symptoms go away when treatment is finished. For the most part, the duration for which each side effect will last can be ascertained. If you experience any severe side effects, contact your doctor immediately. Below you will find a list of common side effects of oxaliplatin. Note that not all possible side effects are included.
    • Nausea and Vomiting
    • Loss in appetite
    • Diarrhea
    • Oral sores
    • Weakness and fatigue
    • Low blood levels
    • Tingling and numbness of hands and feet (known as peripheral neuropathy)
    • Constipation
    • Headache
    • Pain
    In rare cases, an allergic reaction is experienced, the symptoms of which are breathing difficulty, chest pain, hives, swelling in and around the mouth, and cough. These should be reported immediately.
  • Oxaliplatin Interactions

    Like any drug, oxaliplatin may interact with other drugs and substances. You should consult your doctor before taking any medication, including over the counter drugs. Below you will find a list of drugs that may interact with oxaliplatin. Note that not all possible interactions are listed.