Pemirolast Coupon and Discount

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Pemirolast Overview
Drug Name: Pemirolast
Generic Name(s): Pemirolast ophthalmic
Drug Class: Antihistamines
Treats: Prevents itching of the eyes due to hay fever or allergic conjunctivitis

Pemirolast is an anti-allergic drug that belongs to a drug class known as mast cell stabilizers. Pemirolast is sold under two drug names: Algal or Alamast. Pemirolast is generally used to prevent itching eyes normally caused by certain allergies like allergic conjunctivitis or hay fever. Some studies show that it can aid in the treatment of asthma.

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  • Pemirolast Uses

    Pemirolast is prescribed for the prophylactic treatment of itching eyes due to certain allergens that are associated with hay fever or allergic conjunctivitis. When an allergen gets in the body it causes a series of reactions as the body is trying to cope with the allergens. Pemirolast being a mast cell stabilizer, it is able to combat these symptoms that are accompanied by these allergic reactions. Pemirolast binds to the histamine receptor, which in turn inhibits the release of certain antigen-induced mediators like histamine, C4 and leukotrienes that come from the mast cells. This leads to the a short term relief from itching and watery eyes.

    • Itchy eyes from allergies
  • Pemirolast Dosage

    Pemirolast is usually prescribed to you by your doctor. In order for a prescribed drug to function and be able to attain the desired effect, you should ensure that you stick to the dose set by your doctor or in other cases your prescribing pharmacist. Altering your treatment programme without consulting your doctor, might put you at a serious risk of experiencing adverse side effects and may jeopardise your response to the treatment regime. There are certain factors that are considered when formulating your Pemirolast dose, these are

    • Your allergy condition
    • Your age

    The dose is set as follows

    • For the remedy of allergic conjunctivitis, you are to administer 1-2 drops of pemirolast within the infected eyes at least four times a day.This dose also applies to children aged between 3- 18 years of age.
  • Pemirolast Side Effects

    The use of most prescription drugs may result in the occurrence of some undesired side effects, with this in mind the use of pemirolast may also yield these side effects. Side effects may vary from one patient to another and in other instances may fail to exhibit themselves at all. It is important to note that these side effects can be dealt with and, therefore, should not hinder you from sticking to your treatment programme. Your doctor should help you to deal with the symptoms that may arise due to the use of pemirolast. Some of the notable side effects that may occur include

    • Fever
    • Coughing
    • Sore throat
    • Eye discomfort
    • Swollen eyelids
    • Red eyes
    • Sneezing
    • Back pain

    The above side effects may fade with time and are considered mild, however, if they persist or if you experience the below symptoms seek medical advice

    • Painful menstruation
    • Difficulties breathing
    • Severe headaches
    • Angina
    • Abdominal cramps
  • Pemirolast Interactions

    Drug interactions should be taken seriously because they affect the effectiveness of the drug. Drug interactions may either exaggerate the effects of the drug or suppress its effectiveness and ability to deliver the desired effects. In order to rule out interactions, it is important that you inform your doctor about all the substances that you are currently using prior to taking your first dose of pemirolast, these substances may be prescription drugs or over the counter substances, supplements and or vitamins. Doing so will enable your doctor to rule out any adverse drug interactions.

    • Although no significant interactions have been tabulated with pemirolast, it is still important that you consult your doctor regarding this so that you are advised accordingly.