Prednisolone Coupon and Discount

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Prednisolone Overview
Drug Name: Prednisolone
Generic Name(s): Millipred DP
Drug Class: corticosteroids
Treats: Arthritis, immune system disorders and severe allergies

Prednisolone is a natural man-made substance produced by the adrenal gland. Prednisolone is used in the treatment of arthritis, immune system disorders and severe allergies. Prednisolone works by decreasing the response of the immune system in order to reduce symptoms such as swelling and pain.

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  • Prednisolone Uses

    Prednisolone is a corticosteroid that works by adjusting the immune response of the body to a variety of conditions and thus decreasing inflammation. Prednisolone can be used to treat a broad range of medical conditions. Some of the medical conditions include;

    • Skin conditions such as psoriasis
    • Cancer such as leukemia
    • Intestinal problems such as ulcerative colitis
    • Swelling that is brought by various conditions
    • Arthritis
    • Various blood disorders
    • Breathing problems such as asthma
    • Some eye diseases such as keratitis
    • Endocrine problems such as adrenocortical insufficiency
  • Prednisolone Dosage

    Dosage of Prednisolone is often based on the patient's medical condition and the response to treatment. It is paramount that you follow the doctor's prescription. Prednisolone is taken by mouth. One is advised to take it with food or milk so as to avoid stomach upset.

    • Prednisolone is taken one to four times daily
    • You should never stop taking Prednisolone before your doctor has advised you to do so.
    • There are some conditions that can be made worse by suddenly stopping Prednisolone, so its dosage is supposed to be decreased gradually.
  • Prednisolone Side Effects

    Prednisolone comes with its usual measure of side effects. It's recommended that if any of them would become too severe, or you develop any acute allergies to Prednisolone, stop using it and talk to your physician as soon as possible. Some common side effects are

    • acne
    • clumsiness
    • dizziness
    • facial flushing
    • feeling of a whirling motion
    • general body discomfort headache
    • increased appetite
    • increased sweating
    • nausea
    • nervousness
    • sleeplessness
    • stomach upset
    • unusual skin
    • sensation
    • unusual weight gain
    • vision changes or other eye problems
    • vomit that resembles coffee grounds
  • Prednisolone Interactions

    It is paramount to share the list of any medications you may be using or start using in the course of your treatment with your doctor. There are a number of drugs that when used with Prednisolone will decrease its effectiveness;