Zencia Wash Coupon and Discount

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Zencia Wash Overview
Drug Name: Zencia Wash
Generic Name(s): Sulfacetamide sodium and sulfur
Drug Class: antibacterial and keratolytic
Treats: acne, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis

Zencia Wash contains a combination of sulfacetamide sodium and sulfur, which are both antibiotics that help kill bacteria living on the surface of the skin. Zencia is used as a topical treatment for acne, rosacea, and seborrheic dermatitis and it works by killing bacteria that aggravate all of those conditions.

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  • Zencia Wash Uses

    Zencia Wash is commonly prescribed as a topical treatment for patients suffering from:

    • severe acne
    • rosacea
    • seborrheic dermatitis

    Riluzole contains sulfur and sulfacetamide sodium, which both act to kill bacteria living on the surface of the skin that can aggravate and cause these skin conditions. In addition to the antibacterial components, Zencia Wash contains a drying agent that works on the top layer of the skin. This causes the top layer, which is generally the most marred by skin conditions, to be shed from the body. Zencia Wash is a medicated wash, which is most commonly used on the face.

  • Zencia Wash Dosage

    Zencia Wash is intended only for topical use on the skin, and patients should keep medication away from eyes, nose, mouth, and any open sores. Before using, clean the affected area and make sure that it is still wet when using Zencia Wash.

    • Apply a decent layer of medication to the skin and massage for 10 to 20 seconds before rinsing thoroughly and patting dry.
    • Zencia Wash is intended for use once or twice daily depending upon the instructions of the prescribing physician. Physicians may give alternate instructions for use such as less frequent application or leaving medication on the skin for less time if excessive drying occurs.
  • Zencia Wash Side Effects

    Use of Zencia Wash may result in some unwanted side effects. However, if it's been prescribed by a physician they've ascertained that the benefits will likely outweigh any possible risks. Common side effects of Zencia Wash can include:

    • redness
    • rash
    • irritation

    Alert your physician if any of those effects become persistent or particularly worrisome. Rarer but more serious side effects of Zencia Wash can include:

    • unusual weakness
    • aching or swollen joints
    • dark urine
    • easy bleeding or bruising
    • yellowing skin or eyes
    • signs of infection

    Consult with your physician as soon as possible if you experience any of those effects after using Zencia Wash.

  • Zencia Wash Interactions

    Some other products may interact with Zencia Wash in a way that decreases its effectiveness and/or increases certain side effects. Provide your physician with a complete list of any other medications and supplements that you are currently using or plan to use during treatment before starting Zencia Wash. This allows them to ensure that negative interactions are avoided. However, since Zencia Wash is used topically, interactions with other medicated products is very unlikely. Patients should simply avoid using any skin products containing silver alongside Zencia Wash. Alert your physician to anything you experience that may be an interaction between Zencia Wash and another medication.

    • No known interactions with Zenica Wash