Walmart And ALDI's Affordable Thanksgiving Feasts In 2023

As the world grapples with the economic challenges and uncertainties that have become a part and parcel of the post-pandemic era, there's a silver lining for families in the US this festive season. Two retail giants, Walmart and ALDI, have rolled out what theyre calling "inflation-proof" Thanksgiving meals. This initiative is not only a marketing masterstroke but also a reflection of how businesses are stepping up to address real-world challenges.


Understanding the "Inflation-Proof" Promise


Before delving into the details, let's unpack what the term inflation-proof means in this context. Essentially, both Walmart and ALDI are offering a fixed, discounted price for a bundle of traditional Thanksgiving meal items. Regardless of how market prices fluctuate, these bundles aim to remain constant, ensuring families can celebrate without breaking the bank.


Inflation, for the uninitiated, is the rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services rises, causing purchasing power to fall. Recent economic challenges have seen a spike in inflation rates in various sectors, impacting consumers directly. The price of everyday goods, including food, has skyrocketed in several regions, leaving many households to tighten their belts. With Thanksgiving being a major holiday in the US, a rise in the cost of traditional meal components could be a dampener for many families. By offering these inflation-proof meal deals, Walmart and ALDI are not just ensuring affordability, but also reaffirming the spirit of Thanksgiving one of gratitude, unity, and celebration. ASDA also offers great deals on groceries and more.


The Bigger Picture


While the inflation-proof initiative is a significant step in ensuring an affordable Thanksgiving for all, it also underscores a broader trend in retail one of compassion, connection, and community. More businesses today are recognizing their role in society beyond mere profit-making. They're actively participating in addressing socio-economic issues and forging stronger bonds with their customer base. This strategy also makes economic sense. By building brand loyalty and showcasing corporate social responsibility, businesses like Walmart and ALDI are investing in long-term customer relationships. It's a win-win for both consumers and businesses.


The move by Walmart and ALDI to offer inflation-proof Thanksgiving meals has the potential to create a ripple effect throughout the retail industry. As more customers become aware of such initiatives, there's an increasing expectation for other retailers, big or small, to recognize the challenges their customers face and respond in kind. Other businesses may soon follow suit, devising their own unique ways to ease the financial burden on consumers, especially during festive seasons. From loyalty rewards, limited-time discounts, to community-driven initiatives, we might witness a resurgence of customer-centric campaigns.


Walmart's Strategy to "Offset Inflation" for Thanksgiving Meals

Walmart simplified discounted Thanksgiving meal option

Promo Duration: Nov. 1 - Dec. 26


From the beginning of November, Walmart is introducing a simplified discounted Thanksgiving meal option. With a single click, shoppers can add all essential Thanksgiving dishes, directly from Walmart's special menu to their cart. The pricing for this is impressively lower than the previous year's rates. Customers who prefer a more hands-on approach can also manually add items to their cart and still avail the same discounted rates. And here's the cherry on top: be sure to use our Walmart cashback offer to get an additional percentage off your total bill. As per Walmarts announcement, one of the highlights will be turkey pricing, set to be less than a dollar per pound, alongside other Thanksgiving essentials. Interestingly, this isn't Walmart's maiden venture into such a promo. They rolled out a similar inflation-resistant pricing for Thanksgiving meals in 2022.


ALDI Cuts Prices on Thanksgiving Essentials

ALDI on Thanksgiving Essentials


Promo Duration: Nov. 1 - End of the year


The store is slashing prices by up to 50% on over 70 beloved holiday items. These ALDI deals include gravy mix priced at a mere $0.29, 12-oz. fresh cranberries for just $0.99, delectable baking brie at $5.19 and the indispensable pumpkin pie mix for only $1.89. Combining all of these discounts, shoppers can expect to economize by approximately 30% on a Thanksgiving meal for a group of 10 (excluding turkey).


Are These Thanksgiving Promos Genuinely Worth it or Just Marketing Gimmicks?


When confronted with such deals, it's always wise to do a bit of homework. At a glance, if the discounted items align with your shopping list (whether for Thanksgiving or other needs), the deals appear quite appealing, especially if you intend to purchase multiple items. For instance, Walmart's promise of turkey for "under a dollar a pound" is noteworthy. In comparison, before this deal, turkeys at Walmart were priced at around $1.26 per pound, while other stores ranged between this and $3 per pound. Similarly, ALDI's 50% discount is intriguing. Their pie crust deal at $1.79 outperforms the next best price found elsewhere at $2.38. ALDI's cranberries, priced at $0.99 for a 12 oz. pack, also beat the competing price of $1.50.


However, before you dive headfirst into these deals, consider the following:

Evaluate Your Actual Needs: The discounted items might seem small individually, but they cumulatively amount to significant savings. Ensure you aren't just adding items to your cart for the sake of availing discounts on things you won't use. Even a 50% discount on an unwanted item is a waste of your money.


Shop Around: It's possible your neighborhood grocery is offering deals like a complimentary turkey. Maybe Target has exclusive offers for their Circle members, or a local store is running an enticing Buy-One-Get-One deal. Factor in all these when computing your total savings.


Account for Perks and Time-Savers: Walmart's free curbside grocery pickup is not just a cost-saver, but also a precious time-saver. If this convenience outweighs a marginally better deal elsewhere, it might be worth choosing Walmart. Also, keep an eye out for additional rewards. For instance, Target might throw in a gift card with certain purchases.




Thanksgiving, at its core, is about coming together, reflecting on our blessings, and sharing a hearty meal. Walmart and ALDIs inflation-proof Thanksgiving meals are more than just a commercial offering. They symbolize a thoughtful response to current economic conditions, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, can enjoy the essence of this cherished holiday. In an age where headlines often focus on divisive issues and challenges, its refreshing to witness businesses stepping up to spread cheer, unity, and hope. It's a timely reminder that even in the face of adversity, the spirit of community and gratitude continues to thrive. So, as we gear up for Thanksgiving this year, let's embrace these affordable offerings and the deeper message they represent one of resilience, unity, and shared prosperity.

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