Shop Smart: Clever Ways To Score Free Shipping Online

There are numerous reasons to appreciate online shopping, but covering shipping costs probably isn't one of them. Luckily, there are several methods to circumvent high shipping fees. Many major online shopping platforms offer complimentary shipping. Occasionally, this perk depends on the day or whether you're enrolled in a free shipping membership program. However, there are times when you might stumble upon a fortuitous coupon that grants free shipping.


Utilize a Free Shipping Coupon Code


A valuable coupon code could ensure that your subsequent order is shipped at no extra cost. These codes, provided by online stores, serve as incentives to encourage shopping on their platforms. If you're not part of their email list or a specific customer group, you might not be aware of these codes' existence. To uncover a coupon code for the desired store, explore coupon websites. Simply input the store name into the search bar and peruse the results to locate a free shipping code. Alternatively, streamline your search for free shipping codes while shopping by using a browser add-on that handles the hunt for you. Upon discovering a free shipping coupon code, apply it during checkout to waive the shipping charges. Depending on the source of the code, there might be a designated link you can click to automatically activate the deal without the need to manually input the code.


Meet a Minimum Order Requirement for Free Shipping


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More websites than you may realize offer free shipping if you meet a certain spending thresholdno need for a coupon code. You might discover that as long as your purchase totals $35, shipping will be free. These types of promotions are typically highlighted on the website's homepage or, as shown in this illustration, during the checkout process. Some of the aforementioned websites feature these free shipping offers, so if you're unsure where to find them, revisit those sites.


Opt for Free Shipping to a Nearby Store


Major chain stores like Best Buy and Walmart offer the chance to place an order on their website and opt for free shipping to their nearest physical store. While you'll need to collect the item yourself, the few minutes it takes to do so will spare you from shipping costs.


Participate in Annual Free Shipping Day


Every year during the holiday season, numerous stores participate in Free Shipping Day. There's no minimum order requirement at these stores, so the size of your order doesn't matter. Visit the Free Shipping Day website to discover which stores will offer free shipping on this occasion.


Request Free Shipping


Online retailers value your patronage, and many are willing to accommodate your requests, including free shipping. Simply reach out via phone or the website's contact page to inquire. If you're a loyal customer or placing a substantial order, use these factors to your advantage. You might be surprised by how often this approach succeeds!


Benefit from a Free Shipping Membership


An increasing number of websites provide options for free shipping through membership programs. Here's how it typically operates: you pay a predetermined fee to enjoy free shipping for a specific duration. If you're a frequent shopper on such a website, you stand to save a considerable amount of money. An exemplary instance of a free shipping membership is the Amazon Prime program. For $139, you gain access to unlimited free two-day shipping for a full year. Similarly, ShopRunner offers a comparable service, providing free two-day shipping and partnering with over 100 stores. Target's RedCard is another option worth considering. Although it doesn't entail an annual fee, utilizing it for online purchases can grant you free two-day shipping on select items, along with purchase discounts.


Ensure True Savings with Free Shipping


Sometimes, exclusively patronizing stores offering free shipping might not be the most economical choice. Prior to making a purchase, it's prudent to compare prices using platforms like PriceGrabber or Google Shopping. For instance, a retailer offering free shipping might sell a pair of jeans for $50, while another store, with a $5 flat-rate shipping fee, might offer the same pair for $40. In this scenario, opting for the latter would save you $5 despite the shipping charge. This principle extends to other scenarios, such as online auctions, where you might secure excellent deals even if shipping costs are not waived.


Consider Subscribing


For avid online shoppers, investing in a subscription might prove worthwhile for obtaining complimentary shipping with each purchase. Services like ShopRunner collaborate with numerous major retailers to furnish free two-day shipping. While there's an annual fee of $79, you can opt for a complimentary 30-day trial to capitalize on the service during the holiday season. (Just ensure to cancel before the trial concludes, or you'll be automatically enrolled and charged the yearly fee.) Similarly, explore the benefits of Amazon Prime. Apart from enjoying free two-day shipping on Amazon orders, this service grants access to streaming videos and e-books.


Engage in Comparison


While free shipping with every purchase sounds appealing, sometimes it's more advantageous to pay for shipping. Merchants are aware of the allure of free shipping and may accordingly inflate product prices to accommodate it. Therefore, prior to making any purchases, take the initiative to compare prices across various websites. Opting for low-cost flat-rate shipping alongside a reduced total price could ultimately yield greater savings than relying solely on free shipping.


Get Free Shipping With Rebates Plus


In addition to the aforementioned strategies, another clever way to secure free shipping on all your online purchases is through cashback programs. Rebate programs offer users the opportunity to earn cash back or rewards on their purchases, often including the perk of free shipping. By joining a cashback program like Rebates Plus, shoppers can not only enjoy the convenience of free shipping but also earn additional benefits on their purchases.


To maximize your savings and streamline your online shopping experience, consider signing up for Rebates Plus today. With access to a wide range of retailers and the assurance of free shipping on every order, Rebates Plus offers an attractive solution for savvy shoppers. Don't miss out on this opportunity to save even more on your online purchases! Take the first step towards unlocking exclusive benefits and start saving today by joining Rebates Plus. Visit Rebates Plus to sign up now!




Scoring free shipping online doesn't have to be elusive. By leveraging various strategies such as signing up for subscription services, utilizing free shipping promotions, or even daring to compare prices, savvy shoppers can save substantially on shipping costs. Whether it's through membership programs like Amazon Prime or ShopRunner, taking advantage of minimum order thresholds, or simply being strategic in your purchasing decisions, there are numerous avenues to explore. Remember, while free shipping is undoubtedly appealing, it's essential to weigh the overall value proposition, considering factors such as product prices and additional perks offered by different retailers. With a bit of ingenuity and foresight, you can navigate the online shopping landscape with confidence, ensuring that your purchases are not only convenient but also cost-effective. Happy shopping!

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