Exclusive Father's Day Presents Worth Spending Extra On

Hey, it's time to chat about Father's Day gifts. Dad's big day is coming up on June 16, and as usual, we've got your back when it comes to shopping for the guys in your life. We won't leave you hanging on the best presents for Father's Day. You know, while we usually talk about budget-friendly buys, sometimes it's fun to spoil those special people in your life with a splurge. If it doesn't break the bank, going big can give you a nice mental boost! Gift-giving is a love language, and it feels great to show some thoughtfulness. These gifts are also perfect if you and your siblings want to pool your money for something bigger!


Gift Cards For Father's Day


A Stylish Shopping Spree


Get him some style with a digital gift card to Nordstrom. Pick between $25 and $200, or enter a custom amount if you know he's been eyeing something specific. He can use it at any Nordstrom store, in-person or online, and even at Nordstrom Rack for great deals.


Prepaid Home Improvement Projects


The handyman who's always heading to Lowes will love this $50 gift card. If you know he has some home improvement projects coming up, you can bump it up to $100 or $200.


Daily Coffee Fix


The coffee-loving dad will appreciate you treating him to his daily Starbucks fix. Knowing you've got it covered, he won't think twice about going for a grande (or even venti). The e-gift card can be delivered by text or email on June 16 with a personalized message.


Versatile Amazon Gift Card


If you're stumped and running out of time, don't worry: there's always trusty Amazon. Give him exactly what he wants (even if it's a 12-pack of WD-40) with an Amazon gift cardinstantly. You can print it out from a PDF if you're seeing Dad in person, or there are plenty of e-card options too.


Last-Minute Gifts


Pasta Making with Nonna


If your dad lives far away, surprise him with a gift he appreciates spending time together making a delicious meal from scratch. You can both tune in simultaneously to learn how to make pasta from a sweet nonna in Italy.


Watch Gang Subscription


If your dad loves watches, Watch Gang has him covered. With a gift card, he can pick his subscription period and tier, set his style preferences, and get surprised with new timepieces. Watch Gang subscriptions come in three tiers: Original starts at $60 per shipment for watches worth up to $150; Black starts at $120 per shipment for watches worth up to $500; and Platinum starts at $320 for watches worth up to $1,500.


Personalized Celebrity Video


If you're in a hurry, a Cameo from one of Dad's favorite celebrities is a thoughtful gift. Cameos Dads Idol's offerings for Father's Day include athletes, musicians, actors, and more. Whether it's a personalized video from sports legends like Reggie Jackson, Ray Lewis, or Tony Hawk, or pop culture stars like Brian Cox from Succession or James Murray from Impractical Jokers, hell feel the love on June 16.


Cratejoy Variety Box


Cratejoy has something for every dad, and with boxes starting at $10 each, there's something for any budget. You'll find everything from escape room challenges to outdoor gadgets to curated snacks, with subscription periods of up to 12 months.


Self-Care Gifts


Self-Care Gifts for Dad

Image Source: Blys

Ancestry DNA Test


Father's Day is the perfect time for Dad to dive into his roots. With offers on Ancestry DNAs kit, a quick saliva sample unlocks a deep dive into his ethnicity and genetic traits, plus a chance to connect with relatives he might not know about. Pretty awesome, right?


Renpho Massage Gun


A deep tissue massager that heats and cools? Sign me up. Renphos Thermacool massage gun is perfect for any dad with sore muscles, especially for neck and back pain. It helps relax tissue and ease stress.


Bro Mask Under Eye Gels


These cooling under-eye gels from Bro Mask will have any tired dad, especially new ones, looking and feeling more awake in no time. Each box has six hydrogel masks with active ingredients like bakuchiol, so his skin will look brighter and firmer while he chills.


Philips Norelco OneBlade 360 Face + Body


A razor is a classic Father's Day gift because he can always use a new one. Philips Norelco's OneBlade 360 Face + Body is an electric razor and beard trimmer that can handle any grooming situation.


Dior Sauvage Cologne


Even the fussiest cologne fans will love Dior Sauvage. With woody and citrusy notes inspired by wide-open spaces, it's got bergamot from Reggio di Calabria and amber. It'll quickly become his go-to scent.


Marlowe Skincare Set


Guys need a solid skincare routine, and this Marlowe set has everything Dad needs to glow. The value set includes a daily face wash, hydrating moisturizer, rejuvenating eye cream, and face lotion with SPF 50, perfect for summer.


Oral-B iO Series 9 Toothbrush


You haven't experienced a good toothbrush until you've tried a good toothbrush. This is a game-changer if Dad's still using that basic one from his dental visits. Oral-Bs iO Series 9 electric toothbrush offers a professional-grade clean, with pressure sensors to prevent overbrushing and round brush heads from hitting those tricky spots.


Top Gift Subscriptions


Top Father's Day Subscriptions

Image Source: Subscription Boxes Canada

Atlas Coffee Subscription


If your dad loves a good cup of coffee, an Atlas Coffee subscription is a solid choice for Father's Day. You can pick from three quantities half bag, one whole bag, or two full bags, and three roast preferences to match his taste.


Master Class Subscription


Give your dad something fresh and exciting to dive into. Whether he wants to master the markets or build a start-up, a Master Class subscription covers him. It's an instant gift that offers lessons from the best in the biz.


Scentbird Cologne Subscription


For dads who always like to smell good, a Scentbird cologne subscription is a great option. This e-gift can be sent to his inbox instantly or on a date you choose. He can take a scent quiz and get a curated package of colognes picked just for him.


Porter Road Meat Subscription


If your dad loves to grill, a Porter Road subscription will make his summer. The Best of Porter Road box includes dry-aged steaks, pork chops, ground beef, bacon, and chorizo sausage. There are plenty of other boxes to choose from, too.


Bespoke Post Subscription


With many options across different categories, a Bespoke Post subscription is a great instant gift that feels personalized. From alcohol aging to outdoor gear to stylish essentials, there's something for everyone. Sign Dad up, and he'll get monthly emails to pick and personalize each box ($49 each).


Ground & Hounds Coffee Subscription


Check out Ground & Hounds coffee subscriptions if your dad loves dogs and coffee. You can choose from 3-, 6-, or 12-month memberships and pay upfront or as you go. Plus, 20% of all purchases help shelter pups.


Menlo House Fashion Subscription


Menlo House offers a menswear subscription service that delivers stylish pieces right to your dad's door. For $60 a month, he'll get two to three pieces of curated apparel, including footwear and athleisure.


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Gifts With Express Shipping


Funboy Yacht-Shaped Pool Float


Dad's going to feel like royalty on Funboy's yacht-shaped pool float. It's huge and perfect for those lazy summer days. Plus, the whole family can join in on the fun when he's not hogging it. Another excellent option from Funboy is a giant golf cart float that'll be a hit with his golf buddies.


Stacy Schiffs Samuel Adams Biography


If your dad loves history, hell dig Stacy Schiffs book on Samuel Adams during the American Revolution. Adams was a big deal back then, and this book connects those old-timey events to today.


Carhartt Dad Hat


You can't go wrong with a dad hat for Father's Day. This Carhartt one is cool and classic, with a mesh back and a sweat-wicking band. It comes in many colors, but the vintage gray wash wins. And if you're feeling extra generous, throw in a Carhartt t-shirt too.


Kevin Bakers The New York Game


If your dads into sports, hell love Kevin Bakers new book, The New York Game: Baseball and the Rise of a New City. It traces baseball's roots back to its early days in New York City and covers all the iconic moments. It's a home run gift.


Dragon Glassware Whiskey Glasses


You cant go wrong with fancy glasses, and Dragon Glassware has some great options that wont break the bank. These diamond whiskey glasses are super classy and perfect for sipping. If he's more into beer, check out their Upside Down Beer Glasses too.


Recess Pickleball Set


This set from Recess is perfect for the pickleball enthusiast or wannabe in your life. It comes with two top-notch paddles, canvas covers, and three balls, all in fun patterns. He'll be playing in style.


Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker


This breakfast sandwich maker is a clever and practical Father's Day gift. All Dad has to do is load it up with his favorite bread, egg, and toppings, and he'll have a delicious sandwich in five minutes. Cleanup is a breeze too.


Tovolo Sports Ice Molds


Tovolos sporty ice molds will take his game-day drinks to the next level. This set makes ice cubes shaped like a football, golf, baseball, and basketball. You can also get a set focused on his favorite sport. It's a win, no matter what.


Word Teasers Dad Jokes Box


If your dad's the king of puns, hell love this set from Word Teasers. It has 150 cards with family-friendly jokes that'll have everyone laughing. Perfect for new dads and grandpas who love a good joke.


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Father's Day is the perfect occasion to show appreciation for the dads in your life, and sometimes, going the extra mile with a special gift can make all the difference. Whether it's a high-end gadget, a thoughtful subscription, or a unique experience, splurging on an exclusive present can convey how much you care. These premium gifts celebrate your dad and offer lasting enjoyment and cherished memories. Remember, the best gifts are those that reflect his interests and personality. From the stylish to the practical, our curated list has something for every type of dad. So, this Father's Day, consider treating him to something extraordinary. After all, he deserves the very best for all that he does. Happy Father's Day!

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