Curbside Pawsibilities: PetSmart's Quick And Easy Pickup

Being a pet parent is a unique and rewarding experience, filled with cherished moments like leisurely walks in the park, playtime at home, and cozy couch cuddles with our furry companions. Alongside these joyful moments, we often find ourselves making trips to the pet store for supplies, toys, and treats to ensure the happiness and well-being of our beloved pets. However, what if we told you there's a way to streamline these visits and make them more efficient? Enter PetSmart curbside pickup a game-changer that allows you to expedite your shopping experience. This service, born out of the changes brought by the pandemic, offers a heightened level of convenience by enabling you to collect your pet essentials without leaving the comfort of your car. This article will guide you on how to maximize the benefits of PetSmart curbside pickup, providing you with more quality time to enjoy with your precious pet.


Understanding PetSmart Curbside Pickup


The shift in our shopping habits due to the pandemic has prompted many retailers, including our favorites like PetSmart, to introduce curbside pickup services. This option takes the concept of in-store pickup to the next level by eliminating the need to step out of your vehicle. Once you've placed your order for PetSmart curbside pickup, you simply drive to your local store when notified that your purchases are ready. A PetSmart associate will then promptly bring your items to your car. The best part? PetSmart offers curbside pickup as a complimentary service, allowing you to sidestep shipping fees and save money.


How to Utilize PetSmart Curbside Pickup


  1. Shop for your pet essentials on the PetSmart website or app.
  2. When ready to check out, select "Buy & Pickup."
  3. Drive to your local PetSmart upon receiving the "Ready for Pick Up" email.
  4. Once in the parking lot, either call the store and choose option "3" or use the PetSmart app to signal your arrival.
  5. Provide your name and details about your vehicle.
  6. Have your ID ready for verification.
  7. Pop your trunk or unlock your door.
  8. A PetSmart team member will efficiently load your purchases into your car.
  9. Drive home and let your pet enjoy their goodies!

Arranging Pickup Through a Proxy


customer take online order at pick-up point


Understanding that pet parents lead busy lives, PetSmart allows you to designate someone else to pick up your order. Provide the proxy's name, email address, and phone number, ensuring that this information will only be used for order updates and not for marketing purposes. A wide array of products for various pets is available for curbside pickup on the PetSmart website or app. Exceptions are rare, usually limited to items not in stock at your local store.

You can easily identify eligible products by visiting the dedicated section on the PetSmart website or by checking for the "in-store pickup" option on the product page. Additionally, adding an item to your cart will reveal its availability for PetSmart curbside pickup on the checkout page. If an eligible item isn't stocked at your local store, try changing your store preference or opt for online ordering with home delivery. PetSmart Treats members enjoy free shipping for orders over $49, along with additional savings. Pet Supermarket has discounts on the choicest of pet products.


Timing for PetSmart Pickup


Most in-stock items are ready for pickup within a few hours of placing your order, assuming the store is still open. If you order after store hours, you may need to wait until the next morning for collection. PetSmart curbside pickup offers a convenient and efficient way to meet your pet's needs while saving you time and effort. So, why not make your pet parenting journey even more enjoyable with this hassle-free service? PetSmart will retain your order for a maximum of three days before returning the items to the shelves and issuing a refund. Note that the refund will be credited to your original payment method, taking three to five business days to reflect on your statement. Petbarn has deals on a wide range of pet products.


How Can I Determine When to Collect My Order?


PetSmart's pickup service eliminates the need for guesswork regarding your order's readiness. Instead, you'll receive a series of emails keeping you informed about the status of your pickup. To avoid any confusion, here's a breakdown of the emails you'll receive, specifying which one signals it's time to head to the store:

  1. The initial email confirms your order placement.
  2. The second email notifies you that your items are ready for pickup.
  3. The third and final email serves as confirmation that you've successfully collected your order.

Upon arriving at the store to retrieve your pet products, it's advisable to have the second email and a photo ID on hand.


Can I Monitor My Order Status After Placing It?


If you're eager to track your order or haven't received the second email yet, PetSmart provides two methods to check your order status:

  1. Visit the "Order Tracking" page and log in with your email and password.
  2. If you don't possess a PetSmart account, go to the "Track Your Order" page and enter your order number and postal code.

Keep in mind that it may take up to an hour for the tracking information to display after placing the order.


Can I Cancel or Return My Order?


PetSmart understands that circumstances may change, providing options for cancelling orders or returning items:

Order cancellation: Contact PetSmart Customer Care online or by calling 1-888-839-9638, informing the representative of your desire to cancel the order.

Item returns: Return a curbside pickup item following the same process as any other return. Bring it to the store within 60 days of purchase, and consult with an associate for a refund.

It's important to note that regular policies and procedures apply to curbside pickup orders when it comes to returns.




In the fast-paced rhythm of our lives, where every moment with our furry companions is cherished, the convenience of PetSmart Curbside Pickup emerges as a game-changer for pet parents. The journey from ordering pet essentials to their seamless collection has never been smoother.

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