Unveiling Some Clever Ways to Snag LEGO Sets on Sale

The world of LEGO building blocks is a magical one. With a vast array of sets spanning various themes, LEGO offers countless hours of creativity, skill-building, and fun for both children and adults. However, purchasing these sets can sometimes leave a dent in your wallet. Not to worry, savvy shoppers! Here are some clever ways to snag your favorite LEGO sets on sale.


Timing is Key


teenage boy collects a Lego set of the Millennium Falcon at home


Certain times of the year offer greater opportunities to find discounted LEGO sets. Retail sales events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day often bring price reductions. Similarly, keep an eye out during toy clearance periods, typically after the holiday season and during mid-summer. Don't forget about Amazon Prime Day as well, which may have exclusive deals for Prime members. By subscribing to newsletters from LEGO, toy retailers, and deal-tracking websites, youll get alerts about upcoming sales and discounts straight to your inbox. LEGO's VIP program is a valuable resource too, providing early access to sales, exclusive discounts, and reward points on purchases. LEGO has great deals on its products at all times of the year.


Leverage Cashback and Reward Programs

Cashback websites, credit card reward programs, and store loyalty points can save you a significant amount. Some credit cards offer reward points for every dollar spent, which you can redeem for discounts or gift cards. Similarly, cashback websites provide a percentage back on the purchase price. Discount retail stores occasionally carry LEGO sets at lower prices. LEGO outlet stores also have substantial discounts on sets, particularly ones that are retiring soon or have damaged packaging. Some retailers offer discounts for bulk purchases, which can be an excellent opportunity if you're looking to add multiple sets to your collection. Bundling, where multiple sets are sold together at a lower price than if bought separately, is another option to look out for.


Websites and even local garage sales can prove to be treasure troves for discounted LEGO sets. Always make sure to check the condition of the sets and whether all pieces are included. If it's an opened set, a sizable discount should be expected.


Socialize To Learn More About Discounts

Events such as LEGO conventions, exhibitions, or shows often have stalls or vendors selling sets at discounted rates. Plus, these events are great for networking with other enthusiasts and discovering rare or hard-to-find sets. Consider joining LEGO trading forums or platforms where enthusiasts swap sets. This not only gives you an opportunity to acquire sets at a lower cost (or even for free) but also helps in decluttering your collection by passing on sets you've outgrown interest in. Local LEGO User Groups often have insider information about upcoming sales, bulk purchase discounts, and exclusive deals. Additionally, LUG members frequently trade or sell sets amongst themselves at competitive prices.


Also, visit big box retailers after holidays. After major holidays, large retail chains tend to reduce prices on toys, including LEGO sets, to clear out their seasonal inventory. Make it a habit to check the clearance aisles a week or so after major holidays. Who knows, maybe you may find some great deals at Legoland!


Some Other Tips

Monitor LEGO Price Tracking Websites: Price tracking websites like Brickset, BrickEconomy, and CamelCamelCamel monitor LEGO set prices across various retailers and provide price history, enabling you to purchase when the price is at its lowest.


Educational and Institutional Discounts: If you're an educator or part of an organization that uses LEGO sets for learning, you might qualify for institutional discounts directly from LEGO. Reach out to their customer service for information on this.


Take Advantage of Retiring Sets: LEGO periodically retires certain sets to make room for new ones. These retiring sets often go on sale, making it an opportune time to buy. Keep an eye on the "Retiring Soon" section on LEGO's website.


Scan QR Codes and Use In-Store Apps: Many retailers have their own mobile apps which occasionally offer special in-app discounts. Sometimes, scanning a product's QR code might also unlock exclusive discounts.


Consider Buying Sets Without Minifigures: Some collectors are mainly interested in minifigures and sell the rest of the set at a discounted price. If you're more into building and not particularly attached to minifigures, this could be a budget-friendly way to acquire sets.


Look for Damaged Box Sales: Retailers can't sell products with damaged packaging at full price. If you're not fussy about the box and only care about the content inside, you can find sets at a markdown due to box damage.


Shop During Back-to-School Sales: While it might not be the most obvious time to snag a deal on LEGO sets, back-to-school sales often include discounts on a broad array of items, not just school supplies. Keep an eye out for unexpected LEGO deals during this season.


Patience Pays Off: It's important to remember that great deals come to those who wait. If a set is brand new, the chance of a discount is slim. But give it time, and discounts may surface.



The world of LEGO shopping is vast and filled with opportunities for great deals. By expanding where and when you shop, leveraging online communities, and keeping an open mind about what constitutes a "perfect" set, you can significantly increase your chances of getting more bang for your buck. The joy of LEGO isn't just in the building; it's in the thrill of the hunt for the next perfect set at the perfect price! If you are interested in other toys, ToysRus has wonderful offers for you.

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