Guide To Snagging Last-Minute Tickets For Sold-Out Shows

If you've ever attempted to purchase tickets for a live performance by your favorite music artist, only to find the entire venue sold out within minutes of the on-sale time, you're not alone. Whether it's Taylor Swift's "Eras" tour or Bad Bunny's "Most Wanted" tour, popular acts are consistently selling out rapidly, leaving a multitude of disappointed fans in their wake. However, all is not lost! Securing tickets to sold-out concerts is still possible; you just need to explore options beyond the initial point-of-purchase website. With fan-to-fan resale choices and cancellation guarantees, you can ensure a secure transaction, even if the cost may be higher than expected.


Massive Influx of Fans Cause Sold-Out Tickets


According to Ticketmaster, the straightforward explanation is the massive influx of fans attempting to buy tickets the moment they become available online. However, not everyone agrees it's that straightforward. In a 2022 class-action lawsuit against Ticketmaster, devoted Taylor Swift fans accused the company of violating California's Unfair Competition Law, as reported by NPR. Ticketmaster acknowledged website crashes and Swift fans' disappointment in a statement, expressing a commitment to improving the user experience in the future. Nevertheless, future sold-out concerts are likely, especially from prominent artists like Swift. Considering this, here's a comprehensive list of places to check for sold-out concert tour ticketsincreasing your chances of securing those coveted dream seats. Additionally, after snagging tickets, discover ways to save money at music festivals.


StubHub Has a Resale Model


StubHub website homepage


StubHub operates on a resale model that is designed by fans, for fans. The platform offers a Price Alert feature, notifying you when tickets within your specified budget become available. This eliminates the need to constantly refresh the site in the hope of finding an affordable option. To protect against potential scams, StubHub provides a FanProtect Guarantee, ensuring that every purchase made on the site is supported by the company. In the rare instance that purchased resale tickets are invalid, StubHub's program guarantees a full refund. For those seeking deals, StubHub offers additional opportunities. Loyalty perks are extended to StubHub's most devoted customers, potentially including surprises like seat upgrades. Last-minute ticket buyers may also benefit from lower prices, contingent on ticket availability. Furthermore, using RetailMeNot can result in cash back on StubHub purchases, adding another layer of savings for savvy customers.


Ticketmaster Has Fan-to-Fan Resale


Ticketmaster app on iPhone home screen


Ticketmaster operates by facilitating fan-to-fan resale of verified tickets, in addition to original ticket sales and resale options. However, a potential drawback is that tickets relisted by third-party sellers may be priced significantly higher than their original value, especially for sold-out concerts. To assist budget-conscious concertgoers, Ticketmaster includes a pink "Fan-to-Fan resale" button, indicating that resale tickets are listed by fellow fans rather than third-party sellers. In terms of safeguards against scams, Ticketmaster enforces finality in third-party ticket sales but provides protections for buyers. In the event of a cancellation, a full refund is guaranteed. It's important to note, however, that Ticketmaster does not guarantee the authenticity of tickets purchased from unauthorized third-party resellers, as outlined in their Purchase Policy. While Ticketmaster offers guidance on avoiding common ticketing scams through a blog post, in some instances, filing a claim with your credit card issuer may be necessary for a refund, according to Norton.


For those seeking deals, Ticketmaster offers various options. Traveling for a concert? Ticketmaster provides hotel bundles with ticket purchases, helping you save on the overall trip cost. Even if you've obtained a ticket through another vendor, booking hotel stays on Ticketmaster can still result in savings of up to 43%. Additionally, the Ticket Deals section on the site presents discounts of up to 50%, 2-for-1 deals, and 4-pack deals. To stay within budget, you can easily filter offerings in the Ticket Deals section by selecting "tickets under $40."


Vivid Seats Offers Tickets From Verified Resellers


Vivid Seats provides tickets not only for concerts but also for theater productions and sporting events. The resale tickets offered by the company come from verified resellers, ensuring a scam-free experience, although resellers may still adjust the ticket prices. To safeguard against scams, Vivid Seats implements a 100% Buyer Guarantee, assuring buyers that their tickets will be valid or they will receive a full refund. The company exclusively collaborates with vetted resellers, instilling confidence and peace of mind in shoppers. In the event of a cancellation, a refund is also guaranteed. While Vivid Seats lacks a specific sale section on its website, the company asserts its commitment to accommodating virtually any budget. Additionally, Vivid Seats offers a rewards program, offering a free 11th ticket after the purchase of 10 concert tickets. It's important to note that the free ticket is provided as a credit equivalent to the average price of the previous 10 tickets. Members may also enjoy perks such as surprise seat upgrades and birthday rewards.


SeatGeek Gives a Buyer Guarantee


SEAT GEEK logo visible on display screen


SeatGeek is predominantly recognized for providing tickets to live sporting events, but the platform also offers concert ticket resale options. Users can explore events based on music genre or concert location, and the convenience of paying with Affirm is available at checkout. To shield against scams, SeatGeek offers a Buyer Guarantee that instills confidence in fans. All ticket listings come from licensed sellers, the box office directly, or other fans. In the unfortunate event that your tickets are invalid or not delivered on time, resulting in a potential scam, the Buyer Guarantee ensures a full refund. Additionally, refunds are guaranteed in case of event cancellation. For those seeking deals, SeatGeek introduces its "Deal Score" feature, allowing users to assess whether a listed ticket resale price represents good value for the money. While the concept of a "good deal" can be subjective, the Deal Score provides valuable insights into whether it's an opportune time to purchase tickets or if it's advisable to wait for a potential better price.




Snagging last-minute tickets for sold-out shows requires a combination of resourcefulness, flexibility, and a bit of luck. Whether you're using resale platforms, exploring alternative ticket sources, or leveraging social media and networking, the key is to stay persistent and open-minded. Keep an eye on various channels, set up alerts, and be ready to act quickly when opportunities arise.

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