National Lipstick Day Deals: Unveiling Irresistible Offers

As we approach the end of July, the beauty industry gears up for a remarkable event on July 29th National Lipstick Day. Whether you're a makeup aficionado or a casual enthusiast, this day is an opportunity to celebrate your favorite shades and snag some fantastic deals. So, let's dive into the world of glamorous hues and discover how we can make the most of this year's National Lipstick Day deals. Firstly, what is National Lipstick Day? It's a day celebrated globally, offering a chance to appreciate the transformative power of lipstick. It's an opportunity to commemorate this little tube's rich history that has added a dash of color and an abundance of confidence to faces across the world. During this annual event, beauty brands and retailers offer exceptional discounts and deals on a wide range of lip products. National Lipstick Day has been widely recognized by makeup brands big and small, from drugstores to high-end labels, each offering unique discounts and promotions. But how do you navigate through these deals to find the best ones?


Start by subscribing to the newsletters of your favorite brands. This simple action will ensure that you receive timely notifications of their sales and special offers. Brands such as MAC, Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and NARS typically send out emails to their customers, alerting them of their upcoming National Lipstick Day deals. Social media platforms are another excellent source of information. Many brands share exclusive offers through their Instagram stories, Facebook posts, and Twitter feeds. Look out for hashtags like #NationalLipstickDay or #lipstickdaydeals to stay in the know. Now, let's explore some of the anticipated National Lipstick Day deals for this year.


MAC Cosmetics


Mac Lipsticks. Fashion Colorful Lipsticks


MAC Cosmetics provides deals and has been a consistent participant in National Lipstick Day. This year, they're offering a buy one, get one free deal on all lip products. It's a fantastic chance to snag your favorite shade and try a new one for free!



For National Lipstick Day, Sephora offers up to 50% off on select lipstick brands. Not only can you find discounts on their exclusive brands, but you can also enjoy markdowns on top-selling labels like Fenty Beauty and Huda Beauty.


Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty is giving offers and also joining in the celebration with a week-long sale event leading up to National Lipstick Day. Expect exciting deals from drugstore favorites like NYX to high-end brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills.




NARS lipsticks


As a high-end label, NARS rarely offers discounts. However, National Lipstick Day is an exception. This year, they're offering a 20% discount on all lip products. It's the perfect time to invest in their luxurious, highly pigmented lipsticks.



This iconic drugstore brand known for its long-lasting formulas is offering 30% off on all lip products. Its the perfect time to grab their Super Lustrous Lipstick or the Ultra HD Matte Lip Color.



Known for its high-quality, affordable makeup, ColourPop is offering a buy-two-get-one-free deal on all its lip products. Their Lux Lipsticks and Ultra Matte Lips are fan favorites, so dont miss this chance to pick up these beauties.



With their focus on minimalist beauty, Glossier lip products offer a range of subtle shades that add just the right amount of color. On National Lipstick Day, they're offering a 20% discount across their entire lip product line.



Clinique is not to be left behind, with a fantastic 25% off on all lipsticks. Cliniques Pop Lip Colour + Primer, known for its luxurious formula that combines saturated color with a smoothing primer, is a must-try.



As one of the most prominent drugstore brands globally, Maybelline offers a 30% discount on all their lip products. Their SuperStay Matte Ink Lip Color, renowned for its 16-hour stay, could be your next favorite.




Dior lipstick in pink and red shade


On a high-end scale, Dior is offering a complimentary lipstick case with the purchase of any Rouge Dior lipstick. This offer stands as long as supplies last, so make sure to hurry and secure this luxe freebie!


There are various other deals on offer

Apart from these, many other brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Lime Crime, and Pat McGrath Labs also participate in this lipstick lovefest with their own sets of discounts and promotions. In addition to these deals, you may also find retailers offering lipstick bundles, limited-edition shades, and even freebies with certain purchases. Some brands might require a minimum purchase to avail of the discounts, so always check the terms and conditions of the sale. Apart from these amazing deals, also watch out for surprising flash sales on brands' official websites and other retail platforms. These often last only a few hours and offer massive discounts.


This National Lipstick Day also extends beyond simply buying. Many brands encourage their followers to share their lipstick looks on social media. Posting your favorite shade might even get you featured on a brand's official page or win you a years supply of lipsticks! Moreover, some brands are offering more than just deals. Theyre celebrating this day by contributing to social causes. For instance, certain brands pledge a part of their National Lipstick Day proceeds to non-profit organizations supporting women's empowerment and self-esteem initiatives. Thus, shopping on this day might also mean you're contributing to a worthy cause.



Remember, National Lipstick Day isn't only about hunting for the best deals. It's a celebration of diversity and individuality, as lipstick comes in an array of colors and finishes, from the deepest plums to the brightest corals, and from matte to glossy textures. It's a day to enjoy this powerful cosmetic that not only beautifies but also boosts our confidence. So, this National Lipstick Day, take advantage of the generous deals and discounts, try out new colors, experiment with different finishes, and most importantly, express yourself and have fun with it. After all, the best shade of lipstick for you is the one that makes you feel fabulous! Happy National Lipstick Day!

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