Must-Try National Burrito Day Discounts: Savor The Flavor

Every year, on the initial Thursday of April, enthusiasts of burritos nationwide unite to commemorate National Burrito Day, indulging in an abundance of giveaways and discounts generously offered by their beloved burrito establishments. Whether you're drawn to the widespread appeal of national chains like Taco Bell, Del Taco, and Chipotle, or prefer the distinct flavors of local gems such as Chronic Tacos, the options for satisfying your burrito cravings without breaking the bank are aplenty.


National Burrito Day caters to a diverse range of tastes, whether you prefer the simplicity of a classic bean and cheese burrito or the indulgent complexity of a loaded carne asada burrito. Deals abound on this celebratory day, extending from complimentary burritos with purchases to enticingly discounted combo meals, ensuring that there's something for everyone to relish.


Chipotle Releases Promo Codes Via Social Media


Chipotle offers a tantalizing opportunity on National Burrito Day: simply follow its social media accounts for a chance to score a complimentary burrito. On April 6, its social media account releases codes periodically throughout the day, each redeemable for a free burrito. Once the code surfaces, recipients can swiftly texted the code to a number to claim their free coupons. However, with Chipotle distributing only 10,000 free burritos that day, speed is of the essence.


Moreover, Chipotle extends the celebration by offering free delivery exclusively through their app or website on National Burrito Day, provided customers use the promo code DELIVER during checkout. It's important to note that this offer does not extend to third-party delivery services like DoorDash or Uber Eats. For those who crave more than just one burrito, Chipotle partners with Grubhub from April 5 to 8, promising a complimentary burrito with orders totaling at least $20. With 20,000 free burritos up for grabs, customers can revel in the savings without the hassle of inputting a promo code as the discount is applied automatically.


Taco Bell Gives Complimentary Burritos


Taco Bell entices customers with a special offer: receive a complimentary Grilled Cheese Burrito with a $15 purchase through the Taco Bell Rewards app. During the National Burrito Day celebration, which spans four days, patrons who order at least $15 worth of food via the Taco Bell Rewards app from April 6 to 9 have the opportunity to receive a free Grilled Cheese Burrito, typically priced at $4.79, added to their order. This promotion is just one of the many enticing deals Taco Bell offered last April. Additionally, customers have the chance to snag a complimentary burrito from DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates, or Grubhub with a purchase totaling $20 or more during the same period. With numerous avenues available, there are plenty of opportunities to make your Taco Bell order more budget-friendly.


Moes Southwest Grill Gives BOGO Deals


Moes Southwest Grill offers an enticing deal for National Burrito Day: Buy One, Get One (BOGO) at 50% off on burritos. Participating Moes Southwest Grill locations welcome patrons with this offer on April 6. Available to all, this deal applies to both in-store and online orders made through the Moes app or website. It's important to note that stacking the promo is not permitted, and the offer is exclusive to orders placed directly through Moes channels, excluding any third-party delivery services.


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Rubios Offers Discounts of up to 30%


Rubios tempts burrito enthusiasts with a substantial discount on National Burrito Day. Patrons could indulge in a burrito, typically priced at $11.49, for only $7.99a discount of 30.5%. To avail this offer, customers simply need to enter the coupon code BURRITO during online checkout or present the provided QR code for in-person orders. However, this deal is only valid at participating Rubios locations.


Chronic Tacos Provides Generous 50% Discounts


Chronic Tacos entices customers with a generous 50% discount on burritos for National Burrito Day. Patrons can enjoy this offer by placing orders through the Chronic Taco app and applying the promo code BURRITO during checkout. It's worth noting that this deal is exclusively applicable for online or in-app orders.


Taco Johns Provides Discounts of Nearly 25%


Taco Johns delights breakfast taco enthusiasts with a special deal: two Meat & Potatoes breakfast tacos for $6, offering nearly 25% off the regular price. This offer is available from March 31 to April 26, and can be redeemed online or in person at participating Taco Johns locations.


Pokeworks Gives $3 Off


Pokeworks celebrates National Burrito Day by offering customers $3 off any regular "Poke Your Way" Burrito on Thursday. To enjoy this discount, patrons simply need to use the code 'BURRITO3' in the Pokeworks app or online at their website.


Cultural Significance of Burritos


Tasty burrito wrap with chicken and vegetables


Beyond its culinary appeal, the burrito holds significant cultural importance, serving as a symbol of cultural fusion and culinary innovation. In the United States, particularly in regions with large Hispanic populations, the burrito has become a staple of Mexican-American cuisine, cherished for its convenience and deliciousness. Furthermore, the rise of the food truck and fast-casual dining culture has propelled the burrito to new heights of popularity, making it accessible to people of all walks of life. Its portability and customizable nature have endeared it to food enthusiasts worldwide, solidifying its status as a global culinary icon.


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National Burrito Day is more than just a celebration of food; it's a celebration of culture, innovation, and the universal joy of good food shared with loved ones. As we savor the flavors of this iconic dish, let us also take a moment to appreciate the rich history and cultural significance that have made the burrito a beloved culinary tradition cherished by millions around the world. So, on this National Burrito Day, let's raise our burritos high and toast to the culinary fiesta that delights our senses and brings us together in the spirit of deliciousness. Cheers to the mighty burrito!

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