Stores With Unbeatable Price Matching: Savings Showdown

Major retail chains employ price-matching policies as a strategy to draw in more customers, offering the potential for both monetary savings and time efficiency. The idea is that instead of scouring various locations for the best deals, customers can find the optimal price for everything in one store. However, the reality is not always as straightforward. Each store has distinct regulations regarding when it will honor price matches, and the lower price discovered elsewhere may not qualify due to obscure rules or exceptions. To capitalize on the benefits of price matching and save money, it's crucial to understand the specific rules of each store, including any hidden traps or exceptions. Familiarizing yourself with the policies of different stores can assist in determining when it's worthwhile to request a price match and which stores are more likely to accommodate such requests.


When Can You Use Price Matching?


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Think of price matching as a backup plan when major sales or coupon deals are not available. Price matching is designed to provide customers with the best everyday price and typically excludes special events like Clearance, credit card offers, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday sales. Price matching policies are often honored upon request. While major retailers may not always proactively offer the lowest prices, they are generally willing to provide a price match if asked. With some research and preparation, price matching becomes a valuable savings strategy that not everyone is aware of or utilizes, offering significant savings on everyday items.


Retailers universally restrict price matching to identical items that are new, available, and match the brand, year, model, or style of the desired purchase. The item must be in-stock at both the retailer and their competitor's shop, and rain checks do not apply. To secure a price match, adhere to the retailer's guidelines and present proof of the identical lower-priced item from the competitor. This may involve showing a webpage or store flyer. Errors, such as typographical mistakes, are not eligible for price matching.


Why Do Retailers Offer Price Matching?


  • Customer Loyalty: When customers know their favorite retailer will match competitors' prices, it fosters loyalty and encourages repeat business.
  • Competition: Offering price matching eliminates the need for customers to shop around, keeping them within the store and away from competitors with potentially lower prices.


Holiday Price Matching Policies at Stores in 2023


Christmas holiday season shown by Christmas tree and decoration


If you're planning to shop during the holidays, there's good news. Some major retailers have introduced special holiday price-matching policies with limited-time windows and unique terms. These policies are designed to make shoppers feel more at ease when making early purchases, alleviating concerns about potential price drops later in the season. For the 2023 holiday season, here's what some stores are offering:

  • Target Holiday Price Matching: From Oct. 22 to Dec. 24, Target offers an extension of its usual 14-day price-match window. If an item you purchased during this period experiences a price drop at Target, you can request a price match. Notably, Target does not impose restrictions on Black Friday and Cyber Monday price matching.
  • Best Buy Holiday Price Matching: Best Buy's special holiday price matching policy allows you to request a price adjustment if a product you bought there sees a price reduction between Oct. 27 and Dec. 30. 


Best Buy


Whom do they match prices with? Best Buy will price match with offers from Amazon, Crutchfield, Dell, HP, and TigerDirect at the point of sale. Additionally, they extend this policy to match local retail competitors, covering all nearby electronics stores within a 25-mile radius, even including local warehouse clubs if considered retail competitors. It's advisable to verify these details with the store's sales associates and thoroughly review Best Buy's complete price matching rules. If your purchased item goes on sale during Best Buy's return or exchange period, you can request a refund for the price difference. However, if you wish to match a competitor's price, you must make the request at the time of purchase. For online shoppers, there are two options available: connecting with Best Buy's Chat, which is surprisingly easy and quick, or calling 1-888-BEST-BUY. The price match can be processed within the return and exchange period for the order, typically set at 15 days for regular orders. Notably, Best Buy stores are willing to match prices with, and vice versa.


Dicks Sporting Goods


Dicks Sporting Goods matches their own prices, along with sister brands Field & Stream and Golf Galaxy. They also extend their price-matching to include offers from Walmart and various other competitors. You have a 14-day window from your purchase date to request a price match.


Home Depot


While Home Depot doesn't provide extensive information online about its price-matching policy, we confirmed details through a call. Whom do they price match? Home Depot will match prices with their competitors but only before a purchase; they won't provide a price adjustment after. Proof of the item being in stock at the competitor's and identical to the one at Home Depot is required. If you've already made a purchase and the price drops at Home Depot, you can request a price adjustment within 30 days. Mixing and matching are not allowed. The lower price must match the online price if the item was originally purchased online, and the same goes for in-store purchases.




Lowes Price Promise includes matching with local retailers and online retailers. However, Lowes will not match in-store prices at another Lowes location, nor will it match in-store prices in another ZIP code. Lowes will match prices at the time of sale and up to 30 days from the time of sale. Lowes price promise encompasses the price of the item plus shipping or delivery costs. Lowes will either price match or offer a discount, coupon, or promotion but will not combine a price match with other offers.




While price matching is a valuable tool for securing deals, it's just one element in your arsenal of smart shopping strategies. While it may often lead to rock-bottom prices, it's not always the optimal choice. Therefore, before eagerly embracing a price match, it's essential to stay focused on the overall cost. Explore various avenues for savings, including opting for store brands, utilizing coupon stacking, or considering budget-friendly stores not covered by the price-matching policy. By evaluating all available options, you can determine the approach that ultimately provides the most advantageous deal for you.

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