16 Things To Buy In September: A Shopper's Guide For You

September is a transformative month. It marks the end of summer and the beginning of the much-awaited fall season. Trees start shedding their leaves, the weather gradually cools down, and businesses start rolling out seasonal deals. This change isnt just reflected in the colors of our environment but also in the buying behaviors of consumers. If youre looking to save money, or youre just curious about whats hot on the market, here's a guide to some of the best things to buy in September.


1. Back-to-School Supplies and Apparel

By September, many students have already started their academic year, which means stores are eager to clear out their remaining back-to-school inventory. Look for markdowns on everything from backpacks to laptops. Its a great opportunity to stock up on supplies that students will need throughout the year.


2. Summer Apparel

With fall approaching, retailers are eager to clear out their summer stock. Expect huge discounts on swimsuits, sandals, shorts, and other summer staples. Its a perfect opportunity to snag deals for your winter getaway or prepare for next years summer.


3. Lawn and Garden Supplies

As summer fades away, the demand for lawn and garden equipment decreases. Garden centers often slash prices on plants, seeds, fertilizers, and tools. If you're a gardening enthusiast, now's the time to grab those tools or perennials you've been eyeing. Gardener's has deals on a lot of garden supplies.


4. Patio Furniture

Similar to garden supplies, patio furniture sees significant markdowns in September. Retailers need to make room for the upcoming holiday inventory. Whether youre looking for a new grill, outdoor dining set, or a comfy lounge chair, September is the time to hunt for bargains.


5. New Cars

New car models typically arrive in late summer or early fall, prompting dealerships to sell the current year's models at a discounted rate. If you're in the market for a new vehicle, September might be your lucky month. Nissan offers regular discounts on its range of vehicles.


6. Mattresses

For reasons unknown, mattress sales tend to spike during long weekends. And with Labor Day falling in September, many mattress companies roll out deals. If you've been longing for a peaceful night's sleep on a new mattress, check out the Labor Day sales.


7. Appliances

Labor Day sales also extend to big-ticket appliances like washers, dryers, refrigerators, and ovens. Retailers often offer deep discounts, making it an opportune time to upgrade or replace old household appliances.


8. Bicycles

With the cooler weather approaching, demand for bicycles decreases. As a result, you'll often find discounts on last years models as stores make space for new inventory. Whether youre an avid cyclist or just looking for a leisurely way to stay active, September might be the time to buy.


9. Wines

Harvest season begins in early fall for many wineries, especially those in the Northern Hemisphere. As they prepare for the new harvest, many wineries offer deals on existing inventory. Its a great time to stock up on your wine rack. Wine has discounts on more wines than you can imagine.


10. Plane Tickets for the Holidays

If you're planning on flying somewhere for the holidays, September is generally a good time to book. Airfares for November and December travel tend to rise as the year progresses, so booking in September can help you lock in lower rates.


11. Off-Season Travel Packages

Just as September is an excellent time to buy plane tickets for the holidays, its also a great month for off-peak travel deals. Popular summer destinations often see a decline in tourists as the school year commences, leading to discounts in hotel rates, activities, and even local dining. If youre flexible with your travel dates, September might just offer you that quiet, discounted getaway youve been dreaming about.


12. Older iPhone Models

Apple usually announces its new iPhone models in September, which means older models often see a price reduction. If you're not insistent on having the absolute latest tech but still want a reliable and contemporary smartphone, this is your window of opportunity.


13. Fresh Produce

Depending on your location, September can be a gold mine for fresh, local produce. Fruits like apples, pears, and plums, as well as vegetables like squash, pumpkins, and sweet corn are in peak season. Check out local farmers' markets for delicious deals and support local agriculture while youre at it!


14. Grills and Barbecue Equipment

As summer barbecues become memories and cooler weather looms, stores are eager to clear out their stock of grills and barbecue equipment. Whether youre planning some autumn outdoor cooking or prepping for next summer, September offers enticing discounts on these items.


15. School Uniforms

If your kids schools require uniforms, September is an ideal time to stock up. The initial back-to-school rush has passed, and retailers may reduce prices to clear out their stock. It's wise to think ahead and buy sizes your children can grow into.


16. Fitness Equipment

Believe it or not, theres a brief window in September when fitness equipment goes on sale, as it falls between the summer fitness rush and the New Year's resolution crowd. Look for deals on treadmills, ellipticals, and weights.



Each month has its unique shopping advantages, but September is particularly rich with diverse opportunities, from tech to travel. By planning your purchases around these seasonal trends, you not only save money but also shop smarter. As the leaves start to turn and the crispness of fall sets in, enjoy the pleasure of savvy shopping and the bounty that September brings! Just as nature has its rhythms, so does the retail world. Being aware of these cycles can help you make the most of your shopping trips, ensuring you get the best deals and the best quality for your money. Remember, it's not just about buying things because they're on sale, but about finding genuine value and usefulness in your purchases. Happy shopping!

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